Wednesday, February 22, 2012

MCX Commodity Update

Today MCX Commodity Update in India

GOLD (April)
Overall trend is sideways. But any abatement to buy opportunity, past week it fabricated a top of 28271, a below of 27958, and managed to manage above 28050 advertence mini trading range. Any dip to opportunity considering resistance 28410.

Trading range.28050 to 28220, Just analysis from the beneath of 28138 and aloft of 28436, Abutting over 28410

SILVER (March)
Looks acceptable and abatement to buy opportunity, afterwards authoritative a top of 57000 and above, was clumsy to sustain and fabricated a low of 55551 and abutting aloft 56110. As continued as holds the 55000-level, trend is absolute and affairs opportunity. Higher-level aloft advance aloft 57500 if crossover with volume

Consider abutment 56850-56550 & attrition 57500

Unable to breach 116 level and started some advancement movements, Last anniversary it fabricated a top of 136 and end at 135 Concise trends is absolute and acceptable to analysis 144 additional short-term. Buy on abatement action as long as holds 110-116 range

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