Friday, February 24, 2012

Best Commodity Tips

Today best commodity tips for indian commodity market.
GOLD (April)
Overall pattern is sideways... But any decrease to buy chance. The other day it created an increase of 28270, a low of 27959, and handled to shut above 28010 showing small dealing range. Any dip to purchasing chance considering level of resistance 28410.

SILVER (March)
Looks good and decrease to buy chance... after making an increase of 57050 and above, was incapable to maintain and created a low of 55550 and near above 56120. As long as maintains the 55005-level, pattern is optimistic and purchasing chance. Higher-level significant cutting-edge above 57500 if cross-over with amount

As described last weeks time, below 426 do not carry this reverse. It created a low of 404 and shut below significant assistance stage of 406. In this weeks time, consider level of resistance at 413, continual above it will switch further and may analyze 425-432, disadvantage assistance at 405-396-395. Clean shorter build-up was seen...

As described last weeks time, above 5030 do not carry shorter location... and distinct switch cannot be decided out any time, and it actually did so... Above 5210 more benefit.

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