Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Free Commodity Tips Mcx

For Zinc oxide Tips(Commodity-Feb'11): We described on Exclusive that at every reduced part buyers may enter for a fresh move until 118-120. Still this reverse is favorable for its next targeted of 118.

Like other surfaces, this is also in suppliers carry. Below 113, this reverse may tumble until 109 again and then 106.

This reverse maintain at long location at only 109.90 stage above maintain shortly up pattern in this reverse and up part level of resistance at ??????????????????????? 07489294118.

For LEAD Tips:Trend is continue favorable and it was closed highest regular closing. As stay carry 115 stage in near phrase.. decrease to buying opportunity. Very hot and buy...

Lead (Commodity-Feb'11): As we described in our newsletter: Cause above 117 may increase up to 123.

Above 117, lead moved greater of 121.90 and from there suppliers take charge of this reverse.

For GOLD Guidelines : Over all pattern is temporary favorable... The other day it was created an increased near to level of resistance 20498 and created a low was 20166which indicate dealing variety of 300 points in either part. Last night dealing pattern indicate some assistance at reduced stage.... Today assistance 20400 and decrease to buy part... for targeted 20600 and above.

Gold (Commodity-Apr'11): Precious metal surpassed 20500 but amount was less, compare to other dealing times. At advanced stage, suppliers were coming into which indicate that any moment it may tumble and may come under suppliers carry. Precious metal is bearish below 20500 for its targeted of 20000. Offer at every greater... it will tumble very soon.

For SILVER Guidelines : High movements ----Last weeks time saw 700 to 1000 movement in either part. On a technical front we may consider level of resistance 46000-46200 and assistance 45000, crack of this variety will switch in either part. Down part assistance 45300 watch, decisively crack will switch down part. Over all looks good .. above 46000 ...... no problem for bulls... cross-over...?........and stay with amount one part switch.

Silver (Commodity-Mar'11): Precious metal not able to maintain above 46500, which is very crucial stage. This situation indicates that silver may come under suppliers carry any moment. It may tumble until 44000. Offer.... Offer... sell at every increase.

For NICKLE Tips: Trend is still favorable... as stay carry 1275-1250 stage... Higher stage level of resistance 1311-1319-1326 to be saw out... over all pattern is favorable.... Lower stage to buy part....

Nickel (Commodity-Feb'11): Offer..... sell.......sell.... at every increase. Very soon this reverse will touching 1262 again.

This reverse favorable pattern in this reverse and 1251.00 stage above data show at favorable pattern in this reverse and again 1275.00 stage above maintain up pattern in this reverse and up part touching at 1320.00 stage and 1345.0 stage in coming dealing times so 1251.00 stage above buy location maintain ...........

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