Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Commodity Tips Free Trading Tips

NYMEX CRUDEOIL TIPS : - The day-to-day stochastic offered a favorable sign with a cross-over up. The stochastic signs or symptoms are increasing from oversold levels , which is favorable and should assistance greater prices. A optimistic indication for pattern short-term was given on a near over the mid assistance stage . A optimistic create happened with the near over the 1st move. The next benefit purpose is 93.15$ . Daily research recommend buying falls these days. The next area of level of resistance is around 91.50$ and 93.15$, while 1st assistance visits these days at 87.60$ and below there at 85.40$.

CRUDE OIL TIPS : The other day some assistance were saw in this investment, after a created a low 3987 it was created greater 4130 and lastly shut at 4072 stage indicate buy part..... Finally shut above 4250 indicate up move continue in this investment.

NICKEL TIPS : High movements but pattern is displaying still favorable........but greater unstable characteristics... last it was created an increased was 1323 and low was 1269, but lastly control to shut above 1300 stage. We may consider assistance 1290-1295 stage and level of resistance 1325........ Likely test 1400 level in future. Decrease to buy.....your stop-loss for long..........?
Trend Decider of this weeks time is 1302.

COPPER TIPS : This reverse last dealing time 2way time in this reverse and up part 461.0 stage below quickly down pattern in this reverse and this stage below low part touching at 451.0 stage below 436.0 and 427.0 stage in arriving dealing times buy at only 461.0 above only up part strong level of resistance at 475.00 stage in market

COPPER TIPS : As predicted and described in this order last weeks time....higher stage level of resistance 464 and cross-over more up part, down part assistance 448 and lastly damaged and it was created a low of 441 and shut at 446 stage. Overall pattern is favorable, but temporary pattern down. We may consider assistance is 420-425 variety and level of resistance 450-460 variety. . Now what to do in this weeks time as a positional investors..... Last night we gone shorter at 449-450 variety...

LEAD TIPS : This reverse last dealing time puzzled pattern in this reverse actually two way time and over all up part 123.20 stage of level of resistance in this reverse and mid part 119.30support stage and buy at only this stage above maintain and this stage below quickly down pattern in this reverse and low part touching at 113.50 stage in arriving dealing times some time buy at dip and sell at increase ..............

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