Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sure Shot Gold Tips Copper Tips Nickel Tips

Sure Shot Copper Tips

GOLD this reverse showing puzzled pattern in now but 20550.00 stage above sustain shortly up pattern create in this reverse so stringently stop-loss sustain in buy position part and sustain above 20700.00 stage above up part kiss at 20830.00 stage touching and 20550.00 stage below slowly down pattern in industry and low part assistance at 20365.00 stage in industry only watch at 20210.00 stage pattern decider stage 20550.

Gold Tips:

Gold rose for a second day as signs of inflation in Chinese suppliers, India and other emerging financial systems help shore up demand for the metal.

Comex Precious metal Tips:

COMEX GOLD:-Trading range in industry 1383$ above favorable pattern in this reverse and up part level of resistance at 1403$ stage but 1385$  below sustain sure touching at 1355$ and 1335$ stage touch

Sure Taken Dime Tips:

NICKEL This solid purchasing reverse 1125.00 stage and sustain above this stage up part touching at 1185.0 and 1200.0 stage break above 1125.00 stage touching at industry so only entry at buy part only buy at 'abnormal' amounts and stringently sl sustain strong purchasing reverse and up part all touching in arriving dealing times .

Sure Taken Birdwatcher Tips:

Copper dropped for the fourth period in five times as some investors deemed the metal’s surge by the most in two weeks excessive in the midst of concern that Chinese suppliers may curb lending and property speculation. Dime, zinc and lead dropped.

Copper Tips:

COPPER This reverse last week very puzzled track in industry but now buy at 'abnormal' amounts and sustain above 415.50 stage around purchasing and low part assistance at 410.00 stage and up part level of resistance at 427.00 stage and 432.00 stage touching at arriving dealing times..

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