Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sure Shot Crude Tips Zinc Tips Natural gas Tips

Sure Shot Crude Tips:
CRUDE OIL last week mid range moment in this reverse but this time 3990.00 stage decide at pattern sustain above this stage validate up switch in this reverse and up part level of resistance at 4150.00 stage but 3990.00 stage below sustain some bearish so only buy location hold at only 3990.00 stage above lo part assistance at 3860.00 stage in some dealing times.

Sure Taken Zinc oxide Tips:

ZINC This reverse last night crack at 105.0 stage and close above this stage and so buy location steady sustain at this reverse and low part sustain at 102.40 stage and 104.50 above validate touching at 107.50 stage and crack above more favorable and touching at 110.00 stage touching at coming dealing times ......... over all best buy reverse at buy part admittance.

Sure Taken Normal Gas Tips

NATURAL GAS this reverse puzzled pattern in this reverse and only favorable at only 198.00 stage above trade otherwise low part touching at 188.00 assistance stage and buy location admittance at only 200.00 above place in industry because solid up switch at this stage above sustain and up part level of resistance at 210.00 stage and 223.00 levels .

Gold this reverse showing puzzled pattern in this time but 20600.00 stage above sustain shortly up pattern create in this reverse so strictly stoploss sustain in buy location part and sustain above 20600.00 stage above up part hug at 20830.00 stage touching and 20600.00 stage below slowly down pattern in industry and low part assistance at 20230.00 stage in industry only watch at 20600.00 stage pattern decider stage .

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