Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Commodity Gold June 2012 and Silver May 2012 Tips

Commodity Gold Tips for June month
After a weak starting, gold cost at the futures trading market may fall a good way taking hints from the Dollar Location. The Western Main Bank has opposed calling from the Worldwide Financial Finance and US Treasury to come the debt disaster.
Mcx Gold for June consignment on the Multi Commodity Exchange started out at Rs 28,690 against Saturday’s shut of Rs 28,702. It may analyze Rs 28,610/10g as the day advances.
Rupee has decreased by 20 paise opposed dollar. This progression may keep examine distinct drop in gold costs.
In India spot market, gold started out at Rs 2,778/10g, the same from Saturday's shut.
In the United State market, the gold was at $1635 a troy ounce at last days. At Comex, gold shut at $1,643 an ounces on Saturday.

Gold June: purchase around Rs.28850, stop loss below Rs.28730, targets of Rs.28910

Commodity Silver Tips for May month
MCX silver after giving incorrect large has been moving down in a down sloping similar route. Recently, it has also established a pie design and its dealing near its best. So, a large on either part is due instantly. Since, silver is dealing near its higher end of the dropping route, the prospect of it breaking disadvantage is quite high. The focus on on the lower part is Rs.54220, whereas the level of resistance on the benefit is placed at Rs.56930.

Silver May: purchase around Rs.55600, stop loss below Rs.55200, targets of Rs.56550

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Crude Oil Trading in India

Commodity crude oil April agreement at stages of around Rs 5,320/ barrel in India and on falls to about Rs 5,300/barrel. if you are going to trading in Crude then our expert suggests to position a stop-loss for this business around Rs 5,260/ barrel and look to focus on stages of Rs 5,390/ barrel to about Rs 5,420/ barrel.

Copper cost is required flow lower to the beat of Rs.405 one can sell on increase about Rs.411 keep stop-loss on top of Rs.418.

Nickel costs are seeing support on degrade end all over Rs. 930 -Rs926, one can grip lengthy position including costs are positioning Rs.915

Lead cost have touched Rs. 108 on over end, costs are assuming to touch at Rs.105-Rs.104.

Silver in India cost is expected to contract lower, one can offer on increase about Rs.55810 –Rs.56100 with a stop-loss on tops of Rs.56700.

Gold Trading costs unsuccessful to cross Rs. 28850 on top end showing liquidation of long roles. Price is predicted to touch Rs.28450 –Rs.28500 on down end. sell on rise is suggested with a stop-loss over Rs.28640.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

MCX Silver Free Tips

Silver costs exchanged greater by Rs.59 to Rs.56, 265/ kg at the futures trading on Tuesday
At the mcx silver May month deliver increased Rs59 or 0.1 % to Rs.56, 265/ kg with a turnover of 7,341 lots
Silver and precious gold are assumed to trade higher this week due to weakness in the US dollar index addition to hopeful emotions in the international markets. Precious silver will also take hints from movement in base materials

Furthermore, the precious metal for July delivery shed Rs54 or 0.09 % to Rs.57, 950/kg with an interest of 335 lots.

Analysts assigned the development of precious silver futures trading to pick-up in need reinforced by the continuous wedding period.
Silver cost is expected to resistance the Rs.56700 -56850 with a stop loss of Rs.57600.

MCX Silver May: Buy at Rs. 57800 with a stop loss below Rs.57350 and keep targets of Rs.59000
Crude April: Sell below Rs.5480 with a stop loss above Rs.5520 with targets of Rs.5380
Natural Gas March: Sell with Rs.115 with a stop loss above Rs.117 and target is Rs.112
Copper April: Sell at Rs.440 with a stop loss above Rs.444 with targets of Rs.436.
Nickel March: purchase above Rs.938 and stop loss below Rs.931 and targets Rs.956

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Commodity Tips Free Trial 4 April

“Commodity Tips Free Trial” 4 April

Tuesday morning, we've seen gold and silver surrendering some of their gains. We could see the downward trend continue as participants grow anxious about the release of the FOMC minutes later today and what it might say or imply about the prospects for additional quantitative easing. We don't feel that there will be any major changes to the current stance; however, we would not underestimate the market's capacity to read between the lines, which could see some price reaction.

Copper prices surged higher during Monday afternoon with the metal looking to have broken out of its recent wedging pattern, albeit failing to test its late January highs. After a very quiet start, Tuesday morning was interrupted by a burst of further short covering activity that saw copper briefly trade above $8,800 again, before prices quickly ran out of steam and retraced back towards $8,500 heading into the afternoon.

Nickel has had amazing of a turnaround in its fortunes, with the metal rallying over the past couple of days while others have faltered. With the Indonesian government playing its cards very close to its chest in terms of a potential ban on ore exports. Some participants simply aren't willing to take a risk. Reports of a rush to get nickel ore out of the country ahead of any potential ban have helped boost sentiment, as has a 1,217 mt jump in cancelled. We are still concerned over weak demand however, combined with reports of high levels of refined stocks in China, both bonded and privately held. Nevertheless, nickel does seem to be flavor of the week so far.