Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Crude Oil Trading in India

Commodity crude oil April agreement at stages of around Rs 5,320/ barrel in India and on falls to about Rs 5,300/barrel. if you are going to trading in Crude then our expert suggests to position a stop-loss for this business around Rs 5,260/ barrel and look to focus on stages of Rs 5,390/ barrel to about Rs 5,420/ barrel.

Copper cost is required flow lower to the beat of Rs.405 one can sell on increase about Rs.411 keep stop-loss on top of Rs.418.

Nickel costs are seeing support on degrade end all over Rs. 930 -Rs926, one can grip lengthy position including costs are positioning Rs.915

Lead cost have touched Rs. 108 on over end, costs are assuming to touch at Rs.105-Rs.104.

Silver in India cost is expected to contract lower, one can offer on increase about Rs.55810 –Rs.56100 with a stop-loss on tops of Rs.56700.

Gold Trading costs unsuccessful to cross Rs. 28850 on top end showing liquidation of long roles. Price is predicted to touch Rs.28450 –Rs.28500 on down end. sell on rise is suggested with a stop-loss over Rs.28640.

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