Friday, December 16, 2011

Free Silver Tips 25 February

Silver Tips for Today date 25/02/2012

Bullion imports into Indian, the biggest silver consumer, could increase a simple 4 % this year, be closeted with a 70 % development of 2011, as traders cash in on the rate increase
He desires bullion imports this year to top 5,010 lots from 4,825 lots in last year
The costs of bullion in India have over than bending in two decades.
"Traders who had purchased slice of bullion last season will come ahead and offer now
Imports even depend on season which pushes income in countryside places, a significant market for the bullion

Precious metal costs could variety between Rupees 45,050 and 100,120 rupees this year, while silver costs could be in the variety of 26,010-35,015 rupees,
Silver for March delivery on the Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX) was at 56,483 rupees per kg on Tuesday, up 0.29 percent.
Bullion for Goal shipping on the MCX was at Rs 56,485 /kg on Wednesday, up 0.30 %.

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