Thursday, June 9, 2011

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Strongly in dollars listlessness in precious metal has come. 3.1 ounces of precious metal to $ 1,535 money on Comacs Ludhkakara stage has come. While gold is dealing above 36.5 money per ounces. 22 523 rupees per 10 h in the home industry last night, precious metal shut at the stage.

International industry is witnessing a decline in precious metal. While gold has been powerful in the light.

Crude oil has gone down these days. Naimacs $ 99 a gun barrel on raw oil has come down from the stage. While Wednesday's OPEC conference is occurring, which decides to improve raw oil generation is likely to be.

Agri commodities are required to begin these days Soyatell vulnerable. Soyatell Ayada business enterprise in May are required to business enterprise between Rs 648-655. In commodity dealing down 1 % on Wednesday Soyatell shut at Rs 651.

Guar also vulnerable these days are required to begin. Guar commodity in May to Rs 3200-3280 stages these days are required to be traded. 2.25 % in commodity dealing on Wednesday Gwarsseed Ludhkara was shut at Rs 3242.

Cumin cumin in worldwide markets despite the better generation these days is a remnant of the vulnerable begin. May commodity dealing at Rs 13700-14100 can stay in the cumin. Last season cumin commodity shut at Rs 2 % Ludhkara 13 886.

Today gold and precious metal coins on Wednesday after rapid eye pressure is coming. 1543 dollars gold and precious metal coins are dealing at the stage of $ 36.5.

U.S. economic climate predicted to arrive in the slowness of the trend of traders towards gold and precious metal coins grew. Comacs 0.5 % faster with the precious metal shut at $ 1547. On MCX, precious metal shut at Rs 22 699 with marginal gains.

Silver costs came about 5 money fast Silver with the strength of 1.6 % achieved close to $ 37.

Today gold and precious metal coins have gone up. Comacs 37 money per ounces on gold and precious metal coins money in 1545 are approaching. Prices found support from dollars listlessness.

Advantage of powerful home and export demand is to get Guar. Today are required to begin powerful in the guar. May commodity dealing in guar these days is predicted to business enterprise between Rs 3280-3360. While guar commodity industry on Sunday shut at Rs 3319 was down 1 %.

Gram are required to begin at powerful these days. The benefits of buying at 'abnormal' amounts is to get h. G these days, the May commodity are required to be dealing at Rs 2520-2560. Sunday May 1 % Ludhkara gram in commodity dealing shut at Rs 2532.

OPEC decided to improve the raw oil generation has not. So raw oil have gone up and beyond in the worldwide industry of raw oil has achieved $ 100.

Naimacs half % of the raw oil surge of 101.34 money per gun barrel stage with doing business enterprise. While raw oil in home industry last night shut with the consolidation of 2.5 %.

OPEC oil producing nations around the world in Vienna at a conference of the organization's decision to improve raw oil generation allowance predicted drop in raw oil costs last night because it looked too.

After the 2008 OPEC generation allowance is not increased. Divided into two factions over the OPEC generation improve has been. Countries like Venezuela and Iraq is not favoring increasing generation. While some member states to help move sluggish global economic climate to improve raw oil generation in benefit.

Tips for traders to rameshcommodities  -

Gold (August Futures) MCX: Buy -22 600, -22 550 Steugpalugss, targeted -22 725

Silver (July Futures) MCX: Buy -54 205, -53 900 Steugpalugss, targeted -55 053

Crude Oil (June Futures): Sell -4430, -4375 Steugpalugss, goal -4465

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