Monday, March 7, 2011

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COMEX GOLD: - Strength studies trending reduced from overbought levels is a bearish sign and would usually strengthen cheap action. The near above the mid assistance stage is a optimistic short-term sign for pattern. With the near over the 1st level of resistance number, the market is in a somewhat optimistic location. The next disadvantage targeted is now at 1412$. The next area of level of resistance is around 1448$ and 1462$, while 1st assistance visits today at 1426.5$ and below there at 1407.7$.

Copper Guidelines : Birdwatcher is in relief stage since last couple of dealing periods. It can large either part. Its variety is between 446- 454. Above 454 it may photograph up to 463 and then 471. Its taking powerful assistance near 446. Crack of this assistance will cause this steel to 436 again.
Last weeks it was saw a small dealing variety between 445 to 455 variety......over all pattern is favorable, but advanced stage supply continue in this investment. On a specialized front, we may consider pattern decider 450, below it will analyze 445-440, whereas the level of resistance is 454-460-465. Big activity once the separate out dealing variety in either part.
LME (SPOT) : After record a dangerous of 10000, negative divergence were saw on the data and revenue arranging / selling demand were saw. Lower stage assistance is 9000, above 10000 on ending period will analyze further 11900-12500-12900.

This reverse last night took good level of resistance around 455, as we talk about. Trading at only intraday because a while this reverse two way moment and up part touching at 454.70 stage and again low hit at 446.50 stage so puzzled pattern at last night sell at only 440.0 stage near below and 445.0 stage above validate up pattern in this reverse and up part look possible 460.0 and 475.0 stage in arriving dealing times so buy at only 449.0 stage above assistance stage 445.0 and Still carry your buy location until its corner and near above 455.0. As we composed only above 460 on ending period its looks again location. But you have to keep sl of 440.

Nickel Guidelines : Gradually but continuously, Dime is also in up move. It has taken powerful assistance near its 20 DEMA of 1293.50. If maintain above this stage, it may photograph up to 1325.
Zinc Guidelines : Zinc oxide experiencing level of resistance at its 20 DEMA of 112.90. Traversing of this stage with amount will cause this steel to 115.50 and then 117. Downside it may fall until 108.50 and then 104.90.
Natural Gas Guidelines : NG may restore from its reduced stage any moment. Shorter masking is very much predicted in this reverse. A withdraw move cannot decided out for TGT of 192.
Last weeks it was created a low of 168 and greater was created at 187 and lastly shut at 171.60. Overall indicate that temporary pattern is bearish but near to powerful assistance stage. We may consider pattern decider of this weeks time is 176.. business and continual above think to buy part, down part assistance 168-165 check out out, carry this stage , temporary recovery... Resistance 185-187 variety.

This reverse a while puzzled pattern in this reverse and 176.00 stage below down pattern in this reverse and low part touching at 165.00 stage and 158.0 stage in arriving dealing times ...........and day dealing and earn daily revenue = revenue choice load up
Aluminium Guidelines : Trend is favorable as remain carry................ The other day it was a low of 111.80 and greater was created at 114.80 and lastly shut at advanced stage... Close check out 117-118 stage in near phrase.

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