Thursday, March 17, 2011

Commodity Free Trial

Precious metal (MCX-Apr'11): After free tumble on Wednesday, Precious metal tried to restore a bit but experienced promoting demand at every higher. Present-day restoration is not maintainable and more disadvantage is there on the card. We described that below 20630, silver will be in suppliers hold. It may go down until 20320.
Raw (MCX-Mar'11): Raw taken powerful assistance near 4380 and moved again until 4497. Raw may try to crack this assistance and can go down until 4288 later on. Offer at higher will be good technique for the time being until it not breached the stage of 4508.
Copper (MCX-Apr'11): We are referring to since last couple of days:
Copper may restoration from its present stage until 438. Downside its taken powerful assistance between 415 and 411.
Zinc (MCX-Mar'11): We are referring to since last 4-5 days:
Zinc is in restoration method from its reduced stage. It took powerful assistance near 100. We anticipate that a restoration may be seen in this reverse until 110-112.
Currently, Home merchandise marketplaces are dealing with optimistic observe. All the spiders are displaying in place pattern on Multiple Investment Change (MCX). At MCX commodity, MCXCOMDEX is dealing at 3,427.72 (up by 0.58%), MCXMETAL is dealing at 4,364.93 (up by 0.90%), MCXAGRI is dealing at 2,776.01 (up by 0.10%), and MCXENERGY is dealing at 3,159.99 (up by 0.37%). (At 05:25 PM today).
At NCDEX, the Dhaanya, an agri commodity catalog, shut 1,131.64, up by 0.04% (At 05:00 PM today).

Cardamom commodity innovative in the family market on the again of pick-up in identify need. Investors improved their long opportunities at the cheap range, in the midst of building up in need. May upcoming improved by Rs. 33.4, or 3.0%, to Rs. 1,147.00 per kg on the Multiple Investment Change (MCX). Moreover, limited arrivals from the significant generating parts also kept the costs in optimistic location nowadays.
At Multiple Investment Change (MCX), Cardamom upcoming for May agreement shut at Rs. 1,144.00 per kg, up by 2.73%, after starting at Rs. 1,116.00 against the past near cost of Rs. 1,113.00. It moved the intra-day higher of 1,147.00. (At 05:00 PM today).

The top gainers at MCX are Cardamom for May agreement (2.73%), Cause for May agreement (2.72%), Dime for Goal agreement (2.41%), Dime for May agreement (2.37%) and Birdwatcher for May agreement (2.22%). (At 05:14 PM today).
Copper for May agreement, at MCX, is dealing at Rs. 424.65 per kg (up by 1.83%) after starting at Rs. 418.45 against the past near cost of Rs. 417.00 with intra-day higher of Rs. 425.35 until the dealing. (At 05:04 PM today).

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