Friday, February 4, 2011

Commodity Trading Tips

The other day at first big sell off were saw in early part of this weeks time and lead business and close below 20000, however last trading time unanticipated purchasing were saw lead powerful restoration due to shorter masking and fresh purchasing and lead a shut above 20300 level.

Now in this weeks time we may consider assistance 20000-19900, decisively break with amount it will analyze more reduced stage, advanced stage degree of resistance 20500-20600 check out out. These days stage of resistance 20150, if cross-over with amount may analyze 20181-20214-20288, disadvantage assistance 19950 check out out.

COMEX GOLD FUTURE : Precious metal rebounded greatly despite a stronger dollars on safe having purchasing and spot gold shut up by $21.70 to $ 1337. Traders have to llok at gold demand as both the worry business and the really like business. The Fear Trade - Debt spending and negative real rates for the G7 nations around the world. The Love Trade - Over all highest possible people of the inhabitants are nurturing gold.

Gold started its downwards voyage and came down until 19952. At around 10.30 pm (IST) Mr. Barnanke declaration removes the gold design. He said that US economic climate still needs help for restoration and growth & blowing up still losing. Precious metal in worldwide market surpassed $1350 USD which is a favorable sign for the time being.         

For Raw Oil powerful change last weeks time from the reduced stage..3924 and lastly made a high 4137 with a smart gain. Over all design is favorable and every decrease to purchasing opportunity. Now we may consider design decider 4060, whereas the assistance 4000-3910, stage of resistance is 4185-4250. Now These days stage of resistance 4181-4201 and assistance 4134 below..........

NYMEX : Temporary some listlessness . Greater stage it will face stage of stage of resistance $ 94 and cross-over will may analyze $ 98 and $ 104 in near phrase. On the other hand it will take assistance US $ 88.45. Trend is up.

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