Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sure Shot Silver Tips

Silver :Yesterday silver reveals durability but not keeping above 45000, which is essential stage. In Worldwide market, gold exchanged above $29, which is favorable indication for it. Silver will experience good level of resistance at 45200. Disadvantage it can go until 43800.

Last weeks time it was damaged 45500 and almost shut with a big failures of 1972 factors weeks time to weeks time time frame. Now we may consider assistance 43000 and below further down side, advanced stage level of resistance 45000-45500... Temporary pattern is bearish.....and prevent clean long... Resistance these days 44400-44500.....

This reverse the other day proven listlessness as we anticipate & remains preserves, that it can touching 43700 very soon. Last weeks time this reverse made low 43721. And still some more listlessness looks proceed.

Now this weeks time keep your experience on stage of 45100, until its sustain below this stage, you can keep bermuda until targeted 43000-42650 soon. But remember once its corner and near above 45100 you have to quit in bermuda and once corner and near above 45810, you can keep again clean purchasing. Over all looks vulnerable keep bermuda on every increase.

TODAY'S STRATEGY: - This reverse last night proven up switch as we anticipate & talk about that it can touching 45100 soon. But over all up switch looks only above 45100, until 45800, and from stage of 45800-46000 you can keep again bermuda in your hand until targeted 40000. Now these days keep your experience on same stage of 45100. Today it will experience level of resistance 45100 & assistance 44650-44200.

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