Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sureshot Natural Gas Tips

As last few weeks time it was carry 180 stage and lastly the other day it was given break out at higher part ........ It was made damaged stage of level of resistance 210 and shut above... indicate favorable design and may analyze ...........?,

Trend is very favorable due to rumours that US Office of Energy will show more than average decrease in Normal Gas selections due to cold. Climate anticipates are displaying powerful warming demand through the beginning of Feb.

On a technologically front looks to buy on falls with consider assistance $ 4.50-4.00 in near term. The market looks positioned to business up to $ 4.800 and possibly to analyze $ 5.200.

This reverse perfect purchasing reverse and my special daily publication audience see at buy purchasing stage and again 212.00 stage above favorable at this reverse and up part touch at 223.50 and 230.00 stage and low part assistance at 202.00 stage and maintain above steady buy location carry .

Natural Gas is in up move and it may go up until 240 in future. It is going to start over purchased location so a modification or profit arranging cannot decided out.

This reverse quickly down design in this reverse and 200.00 stage above favorable only and buy location quit at 200.0 below because quickly down design in this reverse ...............and day trading.

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