Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Commodity Tips Kedia

Last week it was designed an increased of 20425 and lastly broken significant support level 20000 and designed a low of 19972 but managed to hold 20000 level. Over all design is bearish and increase to provide aspect.. With consider level of level of resistance..............? lower level targeted likely analyze.........?

Over all due to positive financial information in USA and some indication of renewal in financial system indicate need in past precious metal. On the other hand from Twenty-first Jan 2011 Chicago, illinois, il Mercantile Change enhanced side will lead continue need.

Dear all last night this alter established listlessness as we anticipate & discuss that information established some listlessness. But still catalog index charts established its positive until new greater, now these days keep your face on support of 20110, if it ranking above this level, you can keep buying.

This alter jackpot function feature alter currently quickly up design in this alter and minimal up design in this alter and low aspect 20000.00 level above maintain up aspect reaching at 20155.00 level and part above reaching at 20270.00 and 20385.00 reaching at market and provide at this level at long location and maintain at period of your power and power and we have got to big money big revenue so just be a aspect of fast and don't ignore at jackpot function feature chance ............low aspect tgt's ?

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